Custom Cabinetry & Remodeling in Mesa AZ

Although we do many kitchens, our libraries, offices, bathrooms and entertainment centers are very special. Odd shapes and unique sizes are not a problem as every job is built specifically to your needs.

Custom rope molding and turn posts, furniture style, kick (baseboard), many sizes of crown moldings, all available types of glass and hardware are the icing on the cake. We can custom turn our posts to allow you to have a unique accent that separates your style from everyone else.

For those clients who have a great layout and just need to update their cabinetry, we offer refacing. Your existing cabinets can be modified by replacing doors and drawer fronts and old drawers, adding wine racks, pull out drawers, trash bins, plate racks and glass doors, etc. This is a great option when your existing cabinets are structurally sound. Refacing is also much faster. Most installations can be completed in 1 to 3 days. Most of the finishes for new cabinets are also available for refacing.

Re-lacquering is another option for renovation. We offer this service for those who like everything but the color of their cabinets, but don’t want to go through the time, pain and expense of stripping, re-staining and refinishing process.

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