Wall Beds: Guest Space Maximization

Home offices, craft rooms and extra bedrooms can have an identity crisis. Many become museums with left over furniture unused in other spaces but too precious to part with. Some are lightly used home offices that become stacked with junk mail waiting to be sorted and shredded. Others become the “hoarder” room with boxes of stuff waiting for that garage sale…that never happens.

We often feel the need to have a guest room for the occasional visitor or returning adult children. This space goes unused for 95% of the year, requiring a last minute laundering of the dusty bedding that has sat unused for months at a time. This is the perfect situation for a wall bed.

Wall beds can be built to your room size, mattress size and storage needs. They can have flip down desk tops, bookcases and file storage as well as a very comfortable bed. What is great about this is they fold away giving your floor space back when unneeded. Your bedding can be stripped and packed away until the guests arrive instead of collecting dust.

They look beautiful and can be made in any available wood species, color and style so they fit in to your personal space.